Everything you need to know about team in 1 hour
Strategic coaching for a Team Leader on high priority focus areas for his/her team
First session is FREE and with no paperwork agreement
hour online coaching session with the leader to help him/her integrate the results
up to 45%
min. video with full team analysis for the leader
Improved team diagnostic results
in just 3 months
min. team diagnostics on digital MetUp platform
Relevant for leaders
Recently promoted from line employees or moved to lead a new team
Love statistics and data more than humans
With many new employees in the team
Lead remote or hybrid teams
Not sure what is wrong in the team
Want instant results from the team
Problems solved
  • Constant conflicts in the team with no particular reason
  • The new leader does not know how to build effective workflow with the team
  • Valuable employees leave suddenly and it is not clear why
  • Team low satisfaction and motivation
  • The team has a lot of newcomers who find it difficult to integrate into the team
  • Overload, stress, team burnout
Expected results for the Leader
  • Immediate focus areas to increase team effectiveness
  • Insights about each employee in the team and what is important to know about them when interacting
  • An individual map of team roles and potential conflict zones within the team
  • Team risk-profile map and recommendations
  • Map of employee values and personal motivation
  • Annual team development plan
  • Access to the MetUp platform for 1 month
The leader and his/her team undergo online diagnostics on the MetUp digital platform
Team coach provides video with team and employees analysis based on diagnostics results
The leader online meets with the coach to discuss an action plan with the team and provide Q&A .
Why choose the session “Strategic team diagnostics”
Minimum time - MAXIMUM result.
  • After 15 minutes of team diagnostics, the leader will receive 45 min. video describing the state of the team, recommendations for the next steps and an immediate team development plan for 3 months
  • For 1 hour of online work with a coach, the leader will improve managerial skills and solve difficult issues about the team.
  • The first session is free, without a contract and documents
  • Same day service available
  • Growth of team performance up to 45% after the implementation of the development plan
Expected results
Primary diagnostic indicators of the team will grow up to 45% within 3 months of the leader's work
The level of satisfaction with work in a team among employees will increase by at least 20%
The leader will be able to work with the team consciously, measuring the dynamics of the result
The leader will not waste time on complex and long trainings, breaking away from work
Companies for which we have already carried out successful diagnostics:
  • Ann Stoklitskaya
    co-author of the course “Me and my team”
    ex-С-level leader with 20 years of management experience at P&G

  • Andrew Selivanov
    co-author of the course “Me and my team”
    25 years of experience in practical psychology, 15 years in business psychology. Top leaders coach.

  • Alexander Gnatusin
    Chief global business development
    20 years in global markets
    business development.
Extend the experience
$1500 usd
1 session cost when analyzing less than 10 teams in the company
1 session cost when analyzing 10+ teams in the company
$1000 usd
The first session is free and without contract
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